Character Profile

Last week I wrote about how to create a unique character, which led me to this post on creating a character profile because they go hand-in-hand.

What is a character profile?

A character profile is a document or forum for each character you create in order to remember specific details as well as shape your character. What is your character’s full name? What tattoos do they have? What is their best friend’s name? These are simple questions that can easily be answered in one simple document. Here is just the first page of a blank one I created for myself that truly helps me keep track of my characters.


I’ve had to tweak several topics within the document because not all applies to all characters. I have a few un-dead characters who honestly would break my brain if I tried to answer names of parents, year of birth, etc. Whenever something doesn’t work for you, just delete it. It’s also great if there is something important to note in order to remember a random detail about your character, such as the date they got super powers or the day they were in a car accident. Here is an example of how I filled out the first section of the document.


There are sections I do plan to expand on, such as the tattoo section because there are many for this character, but this is just a rough outline of my character. The picture section is completely optional.

If you’re like me and have the memory of a fruit fly, this is a major life saver. It is also perfect for printing and having by your side. Want to start tracking your characters? Here is way to download the profile sheet and start developing your character!


I hope this document helps you with your story and provides a fun way to create a character. 🙂


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