2017 New Years Resolutions: A Year of Books

I’m not going to lie and say I’m not one of those people who make resolutions every single year and completely fail by the time March hits (if even that). I’m totally the type of person who claims, “This year is my year to be fit and to get a job and go out more and get in a serious relationship!” I’m fairly certain that claim right there has been my resolution since I was sixteen.

How is this year different, you might ask?

This year I decided to make my New Years Resolutions fun.

It seems silly, but I have decided to make my 2017 a year of adventure rather than hitting the gym and trying to become a full-blown adult in a year. Sure, I’ll look for a job and maybe I’ll step through those gym doors rather than the doors of a McDonald’s, but those will not be on my list this year. This is is going to be:

A Year of Books

What does a year of books entail? I have decided, for my 2017 resolution, I am going to read a book a week. It will be tough for me, though most of you are probably laughing because a book a day is your normal. For me, a book a month is amazing. This coming year I really wanted to finally tackle my bookshelf, e-books, and audiobooks full of unread fiction/non-fiction. I will be one heck of a task considering I’m an English major already reading novels/poems by Chaucer or Hemingway every week, but I’m excited to tackle it.

How did I come up with the idea? 

Earlier this month I was putting away my heavy, boring college books when I saw my poor neglected bookshelf full of YA books, most of which are unread. They’ve been sitting there, tempting me since my 2014 mid-semester mental breakdown when buying books seemed to be the solution. I haven’t read but maybe two or three of the few dozen I bought that year, and that is a tragedy. To be honest, and this may send some into shock if they read my “About Me” or know my love for writing fiction: I do not like reading.

Are you okay? Anyone raging or hyperventilating?

That is why my resolution will not be an easy one for me. Reading was always something I had to force myself to do to get through school, though I have read a few books willingly when the internet was down. Reading, to me, wasn’t easy because I always have to be doing something physical. When I write fiction, it involves a lot of focus and fingers jabbing the keys. Reading, however, has always been a struggle because I have no attention span and can’t stand silence.

In addition to my book a week, which I will be posting about every week on Sundays in order to show what I’m reading as well as my personal review of the novel, I also plan to make my 2017 something else.

A Year of Writing.

I love writing more than pretty much anything, and I’ve been writing since I was in Middle School. I have written nearly 15 books or so in my life, ranging from 60,000 words to 110,000. However, I have never been consistent in my writing. I’m a bit of a “I’ll write when I feel like it” type who will write five chapters one week and not a single word for two months. In 2017, I plan to change that.

For my second 2017 resolution, I plan to write a chapter a week as well as edit a chapter a week from an already complete novel. It seems doable, and forcing myself to write and post one a week onto my Wattpad account will keep me motivated to continue. I love my followers, and I want to post more often than I have been, which will most likely be on Fridays.

My plans for editing a chapter a week for an already finished novel will help me work my way towards my goal of publishing. A chapter a week of editing seems small, but it’s better than ignoring it for when I’m not busy or “feel” like I want to edit it.

I’m thrilled to start setting up goals and schedules for my reading, writing, and editing, along with taking several college courses. Of course, I have other odd goals for 2017 that are not writing or reading related, but I may go into detail about them later.

My reading and writing goals for 2017 cannot, of course, go without a bit of rules or guidelines. So let’s get into what I’ve set up for myself.

Reading Rules:

1. Re-reading a book does not count as part of my one-book-per-week goal. If I have to re-read a book for a series, it also will not count.

2. Audiobooks do count and will often be used during tougher reading weeks.

3. If a week is missed, I can read two books the following week to catch up.

4. Reading ahead will also count. If I read three books one week and zero the next, one of the books will count for the failed week.

5. I can only buy new books if they are a part of an incomplete series I own or if I have read at least five from my own collection.

The rules I set for myself are pretty simple. I don’t plan to have certain books planned for certain weeks because I would prefer reading the genre I feel like for that week. However, I will list the next book I plan to read during each of my weekly updates! I will post reviews for each book I’ve read each week and open the comments section for anyone who wants to add anything to my reviews.

The rules for my writing is pretty much to just write a chapter a week. If I write ahead, awesome! If I miss a week, it will suck. Same with editing. I don’t want to over complicate my goals.

I am thrilled to start 2017 with positive and creative goals, and I hope everyone else can create goals that excite them as much as this excites me.

Happy 2017! 🙂


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